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Manufacturer & Service Provider of  Aluminium Powder Coating, MS Powder Coating, Copper Powder Coating, Alloy Powder Coating, Gunmetal Powder Coating, etc.

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About Us 

Sri Balaji Coatings
where customer can get their powder coating service done with 8 tank pre-treatment process namely degreasing derusting, surface conditioning, phosphating & passivation, etc. With pre-heating done upto 120 degrees Celsius by this size of a maximum of H-2400 mm/B-1800mm/L-3000mm.   

Reasons to Choose Us

The listed below are some reasons on the basis of which we claim to be an ideal destination to have business deals:   
  • We respect the budget of customers and charge impressive rates on all our products and services.
  • We never give a cold shoulder to the quality of our products because we know that this is the prime thing that customers look for while making association.
  • We work with honesty and maintain transparency while dealing with clients as we believe that this will help us to build a trust factor among customers.

We use wagner spray gun, well known for its quality and its imported from Germany. We are equipped with massive 10000 sq. ft. infrastructure base to carry out our process with laudable quality.

We customarily dispatch the orders received within 24 hrs of advent. We are supplied with hoist & trolleys capable to handle jobs upto 2 tons capacity.

Our Team

We have skilled labor for accomplishing our business operations in a hassle-free manner. It is the support of our team members because of which are able to meet our targets and serve customers effectively. Their skills and knowledge help us to deliver effective products and services involving ferrous & non ferrous metals. Our team members follow the guidelines set for the respective domain.

Production Process

1. With the help of our crane facility, we can manage weight up to 2 tons.
2. We process the metals via the processes of degreasing, de-rusting, activation, phospating , surface conditioning and passivation.
3. Oven pre-heating- After the completion of tank process, the next job done is to get ready the oven for pre-heating up to 120 degree Celsius by the maximum size of H-2400 mm/B-1800mm/L-3000mm
4. Powder coating- In the powder coating process, we are making use of powder spray gun of worlds leading brand, Wagner. Further, we use quality powders to shine up the working surfaces.
5. Baking- Final job requires oven for the purpose of baking up to 250 degree Celsius for heating.
6. We are capable in handling all kind of metals like Copper, Aluminium, Mild Steel, Cast Iron and Gunmetal Powder Coating.

For handling all these jobs, we have advance facility over 10000 sq ft. area.

  • Transport- We has the capability to transport orders to clients workplace.
  • Timing- We will dispatch the orders within maximum of 24 hours.
We are backed with skilled labors for handling varied jobs like loading, uploading, tank process, coating master and oven in charge.

  • Tank-1- Degreasing
  • Tank-2- Water Rinse-I
  • Tank-3- Derusting
  • Tank-4- Water Rinse-Ii
  • Tank-5- Surface Activation
  • Tank-6- Phosphating
  • Tank-7- Water Rinse-Iii
  • Tank-8- Passivation


Room Temperature Process, Duration-30-40 Minutes, for-cleaning the sheet metal Surface of grease, oils, soils, lubricants, oxide films, heat treatment/welding Scales, etc. by Alkaline Degreaser.

Water Rinse-I      

Rinsing Process is carried out


Room Temperature Process, Duration-20 Minutes, For-Cleaning the Sheet Metal Surface of Rust by Mixed Hydrochloric Acid.

Water Rinse-II

Rinsing Process is carried out.

Surface Activation 

Room Temperature Process, Duration-20 Minutes, For-Activating the Sheet Metal Surface For Zn & Mn Phosphate Coating by Activation Chemicals


Room Temperature Process, Duration-5-20 Minutes, For-Smooth & Uniform Coating of Sheet Metal Surface with Zn Phosphate by Zinc Phosphate Solution

Water Rinse-III

Rinsing Process is carried out.


Room Temperature Process, Duration-15-20 Minutes, For-Sealing Pores of Sheet Metal Surface for obtaining Maximum Corrosion Resistance over Phosphate Coating by Decxylite Solution

Oven Drying       

150 Deg Celsius Process, Duration-10-20 Minutes, For- Drying Sheet Metal Parts by Hot Air.

Powder Coating

Done within 24 Hrs of Oven Drying, Sheet Metal parts are Coated with Powder of shade desired by client through Spraying in Spray Booths, and then Epoxy-Powder Coated/Sprayed Sheet Metal parts are BAKED in Electrically Fired Oven at 140-150 Deg c for 10-15 Minutes.

Alumunium Powder Coating Service
Alumunium Powder Coating Service
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